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As a nonprofit, the Alpine Historical Park relies on membership, in-kind donations, charitable contributions and volunteers to sustain the expenses of keeping our beautiful historical park open to the community and visitors from afar to enjoy.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our members and those individuals and organizations that have generously donated to the park.

THANK YOU to our Volunteers in 2016       


All of our active AHS board member who volunteer an amazing amount of hours, energy, materials and funds:

Donna Carollo

Nancy Dryden

Jo Frisby

Jan Mulder

Fran Seager-Boss

Cheryl Shaffer

Sutton community members:         

Jim Bauer

Nancy Bertels

Mike Carney

Jeff Carollo

Daniel Dryden

Laurel Flynn

Mike Jones

Carol McNamara

Charlie Oveby

Jason Overby

Lisa Rhoades

Brian Winnestaffer

Jessica Winnestaffer
And a special thanks to Eagle Crest Missions for their continued support and commitment to maintaining the beautiful park grounds.